Poetic Wedding at Lusthaus Wien

Past at it's best, shy elegance and wind of a soft romance  - this wedding was not in our century. And it's not only about the style, the location, or outfits. It is about the air that people can create.

Judith and Wolfgang. Their choice for the wedding location was...a place where they actually live. Yes, just so. I remember the day before their wedding Judith and Wolfgang were showing me some favorite spots and roads they used to take every single day in Prater Park. Now the place through which the guys are passing by so often will always be really special for them. 

As for LustHaus Wien, it fastly became one of my favors locations for the romantic intimate fest. Cozy baroque with the walls full of history. 

But not only walls of LustHaus had some special story to tell that day. 

Just have a look on the brides gown. It was made over 30 years ago, and exactly in this dress mother of Judith got married back that time. This is a very special and very best compliment that a bride could make to her mom. 

So much kindness, grace, happiness and love as foremost I saw at this beautiful wedding day. Thank you for that. 

Love, Svetty.

Turn on the music ;)

"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart."

Jane Austen