Between green and white

“-Where shall I begin...? 

-Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” 
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Turn on the music ;)

Autumn makes everything so right. You know, with rains and colors, with the cold of piercing wind that opens your soul wide. It's the best time to be lost. The best time to be found. The best time to begin something new. To say a final goodbye and a first hello.

So, let's just pack all the dreams into a backpack and move to Autumn. To the border between green and white. Between awake and sleep.

Hello, we're all stuck here! Isn't it wonderful?!

And I'm just gazing into my favorite yellow eyes, finding myself homeless, drifting through streets, losing my mountains, looking for something, knowing that a part of me has changed. Forever. And knowing that something really new is about to happen.

My beautiful Unknown.

And weird Graz. I am not sure that I can call you my home some day, I mean, no offense, but you don't have any mountains.

And it turned out that I am one of those who needs mountains for a good fly. But I am here and I am happy for letting you be my Autumn, dear Graz.

Being yourself is the most privilege you can afford. 

To be daring, brave, adventures, truthful. It's worth it.

Can you hear this? This is the sound of falling leaves, of the rain, scratching your heart with its music, of the adventure that is about to happen.

And yes, this is the sound of Autumn. 

So let's begin at the beginning.