Feuerwerke im Bauch

It is somewhere on the border.

There. Here. Where one chapter has been finished, and the other one has not yet started. And you're dying to know what is about to happen. When you're in anticipation of the dream travel, or coming back home after a long trip. It is when the rain starts softly, but you know it's gonna be shower, when the snow falls for the first time, when the Sun shows up after days and days filled with gray. It is when you recognize the shape of spring in the middle of February. And the air is so-so yours.



This is the place. Here you feel perfectly well all the butterflies in your stomach. 

Wake up.

Just before the world wakes up, and find yourself on the border between nowhere and somewhere you want to be.

It is when you see the weird beauty of each season. 

It is the new beginnings.

The moments you want to safe. The light you will never forget.

The whole crazy universe in cats eyes. 

It is when your friend is Cheshire cat. 

And each simple meeting is a great adventure! Because you both can laugh like nobody else. Because you expect everything with waiting for nothing. 

It is when you touch the wild. And the wild trusts you.

When you read the sky. 

When it's happily ever after, and the wind is charged with love.

Just never-ever stop wondering.

And you will often feel butterflies in your stomach. 

Love, Svetty