Falling in Fall

I drank my tea and started to write. To you. To each of you out there who's maybe,

just maybe,

reading this now.

Who feels 

tired from everything.

The same.

Lost, even with no reason or because of million reasons. I don’t know.

But I think right here in the end of November it’s time to slow down.

Stop asking questions for a bit and finally start eating chocolate in embarrassing quantities.

This is the time to let it go.

The time when the air moves, and you actually see this,

when in a cats purr you hear a whole symphony, and your favorite warm sweater feels like home.

It’s time to watch gray sky with a bright pleasure. Because without a gray sky you would never know how the blue one really tastes like for your soul.

And someone would say this is depressive, but we, you and I, know this is just a sweet vacuum.

A slow down mood.  And you know.


know and love this penetrating sound of the crisp November days.  This music is for us.

No one else can express their thoughts so clearly, as November does it.

Sometimes thousands of questions lead you to nowhere.

Sometimes one answer out of the universe changes it all.

This is what we crave for, here in the end of November.

I wish you one answer.

I wish you tons of lightness. 

More shades of Fall

Sink with me