Blogger Village

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one"


It was last May when Yuno showed me Graz. I mean not a tourist one, but another. Full of creativity, startups, movement, coolest people. And I remember I thought, "Hmmm...Why not?".

Well, it's done now. I am here, for more then a week. And I want to thank all my wonderful amazing friends, each person who helped me to do this. I love you, guys! My heart is yours.

Soon I could tell you more, but enough about moving. There is something much more interesting I am dying to share. The best start here that could happen to me is this Blogger Village project we created with girls from Omas Teekanne. Same way of thinking, same ideas and believes made us (first to jump-jump but then) to come up with the idea to create a blogger platform in Graz, where bloggers could communicate, help each other to grow and create new projects together.

Blogger Village is for people who do not want to find themselves in a middle of a lonely island thinking, "Am the only one here?".

We say you are not. There are other people with the same level of "craziness" out there. Desperate romantics, creators, story tellers, who want and who can build there own reality, seekers of aesthetics, people who have what to say, or to show, who express themselves through their blogs.

And i saw these people at our first Blogger Village meet up at Omas Teekanne, and I must say they all are beautiful hard workers with their own dramas and  fantasies, survives who make this world better every day.

ladies, thank you so much for that lovely warm evening!

Andrea  die Austronautin


Clarissa  Dogdays of Summer


Christina  Kreative Hände


Denise  Neumodisch


Elisabeth  Misses Popisses


Lisa  Cafe au Lait


Manuela Testesser


Stefanie Sweets from me to you


Omas Teekanne has such an amazing location, and this old house with blue doors and shutters reminds me Andersens tales. We decided to create a decoration in front of the house, and that late summer evening could not be better. 

This would be the perfect spot for bloggers, a small cozy house where every dream could become a plan.

My dear friends and fairies Yuno and Sandra are telling their story here Omas Teekanne Story


Welcome to our Village!