Taste of summer

you can turn on the music! ;)

Barefoot in the hot grass. This is the color of summer. Barefoot on the cooled Moon.
Only now, today, in this summer heat, in every summer, you want to do something very special. To go suddenly to the North Pole, or to dream about Christmas of course, to wander in the fog till morning comes, to find someone who lives on the moon, to change something you wanted to change the last months, or the whole life, or to change everything ... You always want something special before August comes.  And the taste of freshly picked strawberries - is the taste of summer. And the sea taste on the lips - this is the taste of love.

To say goodbye for the things you gonna miss, to say goodbye for the things you never gonna miss. To meet people who will color your life and to meet people, who's life you're gonna color. 

To feel the rain on your skin. And to make a wish. In a secret place. With a wind long to play in your hair.


So much to do. And  seeing everything so special. This is what you get with a taste of summer.